Top 5 Food Dishes of Tamil Nadu
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Top 5 Food Dishes of Tamil Nadu

The southern coastal state of India, Tamil Nadu is revered for their traditions and culture. The food habits of the state are a reflection of the culture. Coconut, drumsticks and curry leaves are an integral part of the Tamil cuisine. A variety of spices and rice are produced abundantly. The influence of the local produce is evident in the culinary habits of the cuisine. The aroma of each food item is so appetizing that you would be compelled to taste them. The flavor is equally delightful. Instead of gorging on regular fancy food, you must try the following Top 5 food items whenever you visit Tamil Nadu.

1.Masala Dosa

Found in many varieties and are similar to crepes, they’re made from fermented batter of rice and black gram. Thin and crispy dosas are served hot with Sambar, a light spicy soup that’s perfect for dipping, and an assortment of chutneys(sauces), condiments made from coconut, tomato, mint etc. Masala Dosa is the popular choice which is stuffed with fried onion and potato.


Idli is by far the most popular Tamil dish. You cannot visit Tamil Nadu and abstain from the soft and fluffy rice cakes. The healthy idli is cooked by steaming the batter of rice flour and lentils. It is also regarded as the healthiest breakfast by many.

It is usually served with sambar, coconut chutneys.

3. Vada

India’s answer to savory donut. Many different varieties can be found, both savory and sweet. Vada is made from grounded batter of legumes that have been soaked in water and seasoned with cumin, onion, curry leaves or chilies. The donut shape is given to this mixture, then deep-fried, making them crispy outside with a soft, fluffy inside.

4. Upma

Both served as breakfast and dinner times, Upma is kind of thick porridge made from dry-roasted semolina or a coarse rice flour. Vegetables, spices, curry leaves and ground nuts are added to make many variations of it.

5. Sambar & Rasam

Sambar is boiled stew made with a lentil, tamarind and vegetable broth, often okra, radish or eggplant.  This is served as condiments with dosas, idlis or rice.

A popular home remedy for sore throats and cold – Rasam is a light spicy soup made from vegetables and spices including tomato, tamarind and black pepper.

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