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ONLY in JAPAN by John Daub

John Daub is an American YouTuber and Japan-based reporter known for his YouTube Channel ‘ONLY in JAPAN’, a series focuses on stories about Japanese culture, food, history and travel around Japan.

In the series, Daub visits all 47 prefectures of Japan covering a wide range of topics. This included Japanese food, culture, history, technology and tourist attractions. This helps promote Japan after the misunderstandings about the country caused by incorrect portrayals in Western media.

The program is lauded for its high production quality. On February 28, 2013, Daub launched the WAO RYU! Only in Japan channel with the WAO Corporation. His Channel amassed 1.35 million subscribers and 170,000,000 views, ranking in the top 100 YouTube channels in Japan.

He collected the YouTube 1 Million subscriber award at the YouTube Fan Fest Japan 2019. This cementing him as one of the top YouTube creators in Japan.

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