The Kit Kats Chocolates of Japan
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The Kit Kats Chocolates of Japan

What is Kit Kat? Bookish answer is- A Kit Kat is composed of three layers of wafer and two layers of flavored cream filling, enrobed in chocolate to look like a long, skinny ingot. It connects to identical skinny ingots, and you can snap these apart from one another intact, using very little pressure, making practically no crumbs. And blah blah.

But Kit Kats in Japan is whole new world. Something like Alien for rest of the world. Why? Because they are only made and sold in Japan. And some of them made from such flavors which not only you even imagine but also difficult to believe when you see it. It is like expressions of- Is it Really a Kit Kat? Is it really made of this flavor?

In 2014, they were the top-selling confection in the country. The Kit Kat brand took the number one sales position from Meiji chocolate in 2012, though Meiji remains the leading confection company in Japan overall.

Flavors change constantly, with many appearing as limited-edition runs.

There have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors of Kit Kat chocolate bars produced in Japan since 2000, many exclusive to the country and not produced elsewhere.

Marketing for Kit Kats in Japan is believed to have benefited from the coincidental false cognate with "Kitto Katsu", a phrase meaning "You will surely win" in Japanese.

In 2016, Nestlé introduced a sake Kit Kat, which combines sake powder with white chocolate.

Notable varieties include adzuki (red bean), beni imo (purple sweet potato), brown sugar syrup, matcha (green tea), and soy sauce. Kit Kat in Soy Sauce will definitely sound crazy, we Indians don't even add it in fried rice (LoL). But Japanese not only add soy sauce, but also made Kit Kat of that Flavor. Truly unbelievable.

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