What are Japanese White Strawberries and why it is So Expensive?
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What are Japanese White Strawberries and why it is So Expensive?

Well in India and almost everywhere in the world we seen and ate Strawberries which looks cute and beautiful in red, pink in colour. White Strawberry, NO WAY! Nobody ever imagine or thought about it. World’s most popular fruit, of which we describe the object, by flavour we made and ate different food. Using sweet smell, we made different fragrances, even birth control tools.

One white strawberry cost Rs. 750 and more. This is 1080 Yen (US$10.00). In India, a regular box cost Rs.200. The small pack white strawberry costs around Rs.3000. This is around $40.

About Japan's White Strawberry:

There are so many varieties and cultivars of strawberries in the Japan.

The HATSUKOI NO KAORI or “SCENT OF FIRST LOVE” is Japan's first white strawberry. It was created by Miyoshi Agritech Co. of Yamanashi in the year 2006.

They are grown on in Saga prefecture on Kyushu Island. The strawberry season in Japan is from December to March, winter being the best season.  As the berry ripens more slowly, building up the sugar content and color over a greater period of time. Temperature control is essential. Almost all of Japan's strawberries are in greenhouses.

If you ever ask yourself, what is the white strawberry? This is you answer. Try one if you find them while traveling in Japan.

What makes the White Strawberries different from the red strawberries?

This white strawberry is like no other - white on the inside and outside. They are deeply embedded red seeds, and often a light milky pink hue on the skin. A hybrid strawberry cultivated in the US and Europe. The white strawberries are not only large, juicy but also sweeter than the usual supermarket strawberry.

The white special color is achieved by careful cultivation method. This method reduces its exposure to light. Hence, the inhibiting the development of the typical red of strawberries.

Why White Strawberries are So Expensive?

Not many Japanese strawberry farmers are dedicated to the art of growing these particular strawberries. This adds to the scarcity is that only a small percentage of the strawberries from the same patch actually turn out a pure white. This is about 10% of production, according to the farmers.

Also, bruises and scratches are more apparent on white berries. This reduces the amount of market-ready white strawberries.

Main reason are-

  • The years spent breeding them,
  • Their low yield rate,
  • The labour-intensive growing process and the space.
  • The farm needs to allot a lot of space for them to develop properly.

Not only flavour of the White Strawberry is so unique and delicious, but also the fruit is very expensive. A white strawberries are purchased to give as gifts for the special occasions. Instead of everyday snacking.

Surprisingly, this white strawberry is not the costliest type of strawberry. The worlds expensive strawberry is the Kokota breed. Priced at Rs.1650 ($22) for just a single berry.

Please watch the video of John Daub on Japanese White Strawberries.

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