Basic Things to do before Travelling, Holiday, Vacation
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Basic Things to do before Travelling, Holiday, Vacation

Is Travelling in your mind ?. Is your spouse, kids and parents asking to plan a holiday vacation ?. Before you go on you holiday trip, make sure that you have following things arranged properly:

1) Make a perfect Itinerary:

If you are travelling with family, in a group or solo, make sure you plan your itinerary perfectly. Do some online research, read some reviews and best to visit websites of Tour Companies, to check their itinerary. You will get fair idea on which are the places to visit in that city or location. Ask your friends and other for suggestions.

2) Documents:

Make sure you will carry all your original documents as well as photo copies of the same, not just yours but of your family members as well. Be it Travelling tickets like train booking tickets, Airplane flight booking tickets, Hotel Booking Documents, Tour confirmation receipts, Visa, Passport, National ID Card etc. Take a multiple photo copies and store it in a different bags with different members, in case of emergency.

3) Packing your Luggage and Bags:

Here I suggest to make exhaustive list of all the things comes in your mind. Then try to remove those things which are really not needed. As in excitement, we want to carry lot of things, but we only I have to bare the burden of it. Plus all international and domestic flights has weight limit. Also make sure you are not carrying any illegal item with your, neither to carry sharp object in your inflight luggage.

I suggest, to take good size all wheel trolley bag of reputed brand to pack your main things. Then carry a backpack to carry other essentials and immediate item you may need. Also carry a sling bag if needed, or give it your family member to carry. Check and help your parents and kids, while packing their bags. Go light and pack only necessary things.

4) Snacks and Food Items:

If you are travelling in other countries, and going to stay for longer duration plus if you have specific food preference, then buy packets of dry snacks, juice powder, tea coffee sachets, chocolates, protein bar, nutri bars and ready to make/ eat food (MRE- Meal Ready to Eat). Check the list of banned food items of the country you are visiting, as it could be confiscated.

If you are travelling near by or within your own country, avoid carrying unnecessary foods as you will get those everywhere. Buy a snacks and meal for all type of holidays.

5) Medicines, Doctors Letter, and Mediclaim:

If you have any health issues like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Skin Allergies or any thing specific, make sure to carry your medicines in extra. And if you healthy lucky human being, then also carry basic medicines for pain relief, head pain, pain relief cream, oil or lotions etc.

Divide your medicines and keep it in the different bags, and in handy in case you have to take it daily basis. Must carry your doctors prescription and travelling letter, as it may ask at the airport. Check for list medicines banned in the country you are visiting and carry substitute as recommended by the doctor. 

Check your health insurance/ Mediclaim whether it is valid for International Travel, if not, then purchase the International Health Insurance/ Mediclaim.

6) Currency, Forex Card, Credit Card and Spend Limit:

Track and Check the rate of US Dollars and Euros and purchase from authorise source. You can convert your currency at airport and hotels as well.

Get one forex prepaid/ travel card which acts as a convenient and secure alternative to carry foreign currency while travelling overseas. So do check with your bank and get the one. Also, check your credit cards for International use, you may need to set spend limit for the same. Do check for the charges your bank going to put on.

7) Cloths, Shoes and other accessories:

Check the weather condition of the country, city your are going to visit and pack your cloths, shoes and other accessories accordingly. Carry extra undergarments, socks. Do carry regular and funky sunglasses, your shorts, body lotion, lip balm, suns cream lotion and but obvious- deodorant and perfume. Do not carry lotions and perfumes in in flight bag, as it is suggest to confiscation.

Since you may have to walk or stand, wear a shoes which gives you a comfort perhaps with a soft sole. Also carry set of sandals, flippers, slippers to roam in the hotel or on the beach etc.

8) Chargers, Headphones and Electronic Gadgets:

Listening music while travelling is the best combination to do on vacation. Can you live without your smartphones, laptop? Make sure to carry not only your smartphone chargers but also the ‘Universal Charger’ if you are travelling abroad. Get you headphones in pouch, whether it is wired or wireless. There are ample of them available in the market and online.

9) Books & Neck Pillow:

If your bookish person, and like to read while travelling, do carry one book at least. But do not carry library with you as unless you are shifting. As you have keep tab on luggage weight as well. Neck Pillow is another essential for most of us lazy category of people, as if we are doing anything, we would like to sleep. So, if you want proper sleep and no neck pain, get one neck pillow. So does the eye mask, ear plugs are essentials.

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