A Trip to Akshardham Mandir-A wonderful Experience by Holy Visit
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A Trip to Akshardham Mandir-A wonderful Experience by Holy Visit

This is one of the best tourist places in Delhi. Thousands of tourists and local Delhiites visit this place every day. The reason is very common – its wonderful beauty, creations etc.

This is by the name of Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, Delhi. Akshardham literally means the 'Abode of God'. It is in the Guinness World Records book for being the biggest Hindu Temple in the world. It is built on the basis of Vastu Shastra (a traditional Hindu science of architecture) and Pancharatra Shastra (which believes in five possible manifestations of God), and believe me when I say that it simply gorgeous! Built in Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble, the Akshardham Mandir (the main structure in the temple complex) is 141-ft high, 316-ft wide, and 356-ft long. It does not use any ferrous metal, which means that it does not use any steel or concrete.

Visiting Akshardham is free but you do have to buy tickets to see its exhibition. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple main monument are exhibition halls, an IMAX theatre and a Musical Fountain, bounded by a large landscaped garden.

IMAX Theatre:

The theater in the Swaminarayan temple complex features a film specially composed for the complex called Nilkanth Yatra. The film also portrays the holy places of India, Indian festivals and spiritual traditions and culture of India.

Musical Fountain:

There is an 8-petaled lotus shaped yagna kund. A musical fountain show, representing the circle of life and many more variants is played for the audience, at night.

Boat Ride:

The boat ride takes visitors through 10,000 years of Indian history. Seated in specially designed peacock, tourists can sail through the world’s first university - Takshashila, ancient hospitals, chemistry laboratories, and bazaars

Garden of India:

The Garden of India exhibition is named as the Bharat Upavan. The garden featuring lush manicured lawns, trees, and shrubs is decorated with bronze sculptures of national figures, freedom fighters, and warriors of India who contributed to the country’s culture and history

This place itself attract 70% of total Delhi’s tourists. Enjoy visiting to this place.

Sharing this wonder experience in the below pictures. The smiles tells the whole story.

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