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While each one of us want to go out, but the daily routine keeps us busy and locked. There is no better time than now to do what you feel has to be done despite all odds, life offers beautiful ways to make us realize what it has. Time to take it on.

Where is Adventure Island, theme amusement park in Delhi?

Rajeev Mehta     .      Dec 4        .      2 min read                

Adventure Island is located in the North-West part of Delhi in Rohini. It is one of the most famous theme amusement park in delhi. It is situated in a place which

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What are the interesting facts about Chennai?

Pandian     .      Dec 2        .      1 min read                

Chennai the capital city of Tamilnadu situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Southern India. The Earlier name of Chennai is Madras which was originated from Madaraspattinam. It is the fourth largest city in India and it

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NFTs in the Music Industry: All you need to know

Sai prabha     .      Dec 2        .      1 min read                

To put it simply, NFT stands for Non - fungible token. It is a collectible item represented by a digital asset on the block chain. There is a variety of different kinds of NFTs - from physical and digital art to music and video game collectibles and even rare social media posts. They represent anything unique that

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We share information related to travel places, food options & places, music genres and industry. We want our readers to benefit from the information, therefore we strive to create meaningful blogs.

Team tfml

We are a group of enthusiasts, teamed up to share our experiences which we enjoyed & want others to make it a part of their lives. Team TFML is spread across the globe & that is our strength. We bring together different perspectives based on gender, age, tastes, geographies, demographies, making it one of the enriching experience for the readers. Each one of us is thrilled to showcase our own journeys through this blog.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the first hand experiences which may help you plan out your own journey through the maze of digitized world.


The Genesis (Tfml baby)

We started off as strangers who came together to complete an assignment. Each has one's own individuality and brings one's own experiences. We thought to give it a try with something which everyone can enjoy. Travel was the first idea which everyone liked.

Someone shouted Food please, and we added food to the menu. How could we miss the music from the fun part. It is the thread which keeps the pearls together. Alas, a new baby TFML was born. But it needed to be nurtured, fed, taken care of with all the essential ingredients.

The team got to the task, everyone loved the baby. Rajeev started with logo design ideas on paper, Mohan was prompt to convert it into beautiful digital designs. Soon, everyone got on the boat and excited with the shape that was coming up, wow the logo was finalized.

Next was to design and develop the website and other technical stuff regarding the way it was to be presented to the world, where world could interact with it and see what we produce. Rajeev took the ownership of the design, development and all technical stuff of the website. He created and integrated all social media channels for the baby, the tfml. The team was beaming with excitement. They all wanted to be nurture the baby, to take of the baby, to participate in it's growth. It needed to be fed with stories, personal experiences.

The strength was the team was spread across the globe, so each story could be unique. The baby would love and admire it. Kunal was quick to pen the content with amazing stories from Mumbai. Rajeev followed the suite. Soon, everyone got on the boat and the baby started getting continuous feed. Kunal got active on social media and started telling about the baby and the feed that was being given. The world started noticing the new baby, the tfml.

We ran few campaigns as well, which were part of our assignments, and they all helped baby get more eyeballs. The baby is slowly growing. Each member of the team is doing one's part in feeding the hungry baby at times and I am sure world notices that.

Thanks for reading this far, help our baby grow. Give us ideas which you would like to read or know about, or even any feature which you would like on our website. We would love to add them and make our baby bigger and better.